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100% NATURAL skincare, made with ORGANIC plant oils, and essential oils for your whole family. Enjoy our range of luxurious, all-natural, vegan-friendly HANDMADE SOAPS and skincare.


Our Customers say

Wayne Forsberg

Gorgeous!!! Love the packaging too!!

Brenda Wilkinson

Stunning products! #cantlivewithout

Henrique Wilding

Thanks @olivehandmadesoaps – such an amazing product! Really enjoying my red clay and french neroli soap

Mandy Erasmus

Most amazing, natural beauty products. The balm we tried really cleared my skin and it smells incredible!!

Laetitia DeMaurice

Simply Love the activated charcoal soap. This soap is really moisturizing and does not leave a white ‘film’ on skin. I regret not buying more of it while holidaying in Cape Town.

Wilna Strydom

The best soap I have ever used!!!! I am allergic to 99.999% of soaps. Even when I am able to use it, I can wash with it approximately 2-3 times before getting an allergic reaction. I have now used every single soap in O’live’s range and my skin is loving it! Well done and keep…

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