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We are a husband and wife team, Sipho and Zikhona Tefu.

O’LIVE was started in 2011, literally on our kitchen counter. We started making natural organic handmade soap in our kitchen with a batch of just under 10 soaps so that we could move towards a natural lifestyle and above all aid to help relieve our daughter’s eczema. Shortly after the first batch, Zikhona started sourcing olive oil, and pure essential oils from local farmers, as well as unrefined raw shea butter from Ghana

Next Steps

In 2013 we started selling at our local farmers market and were supplying a few stores due to increasing demand. We also introduced more handcrafted products in our range and a year later we were supplying more stores as a result. In 2016 Sipho left his job as an engineer so that he could join the company full time and consequently we moved to bigger premises outside the home. What had started as a hobby, the business had now grown from producing a few handmade bars per day t now hundreds of natural organic handmade soaps per day.


It wasn’t long after our move to our current premises that we started taking commissions for private label soaps for other clients. We currently produce private label bars of handmade soaps for other companies like skincare brands and olive estates.

We are passionate about reducing the amount of chemicals and synthetics people unwittingly use on their skin, and our mission is to create organic and natural, handmade skincare goodness.


We are in love with the uniqueness and nature that is the Cape Floral Kingdom. Most of our supplies comes from here and some are grown by small-scale farmers in rural communities. We value the ability to source directly from the growers, as we believe this has direct impact on growing local economy.

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