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Using only 100% natural, plant-based ingredients, we craft olive oil soaps from scratch with the traditional cold-process method of soap making which retains the nourishing benefits of the ingredients.  Our main ingredient is locally grown Olive Oil which makes a mild and gentle skin-nourishing soap.  We begin the process by blending the olive oil, unrefined shea butter and coconut oil with, pure indigenous essential oils to scent and add both aromatherapy and healing benefits to our bars.  To add colour and texture , we infuse organic and sustainably sourced  local teas like Honeybush and  rooibos, herbs, clays, cold-pressed oils and fynbos honey. The process of slow-soap then proceeds with curing the handmade, handcut and handstamped soap for up to 6 weeks, and finaly packaging them in, recyclyed and plastic-free packaging.

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